Recent Publications

June 2014 - Mol Biol Cell

JK Heriche, JG Lees, I Morilla, T Walter, B Petrova, M Julia Roberti, MJ Hossain, P Adler, JM Fernandez, M Krallinger, CH Haering, J Vilo, A Valencia, JA Ranea, C Orengo, J Ellenberg

Integration of biological data by kernels on graph nodes allows prediction of new genes involved in mitotic chromosome condensation

May 2014 - Nat Struc Mol Biol

I Piazza, A Rutkowska, A Ori, M Walczak, J Metz, V Pelechano, M Beck and CH Haering

Association of condensin with chromosomes depends on DNA binding by its HEAT-repeat subunits

November 2013 - Dev Cell

S Cuylen, J Metz, A Hruby and CH Haering

Entrapment of chromosomes by condensin rings prevents their breakage during cytokinesis
Lab News

August 2014 - Conference

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Markus is representing the lab at the CSHL Nuclear Organization and Function meeting.

July 2014 - New lab member

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We welcome Henry to our team.

May 2014 - New publication

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Ilaria's paper is online at the Nature Structural & Molecular Biology website.